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Scottsdale Healthcare - Clinical Trials
Arizona lab providing clinical trials.  Of note is their nanotechonology (BIND study).  They also have about 30 other trials going on.  Travel to Arizona would be required..

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Patti, this is difficult for me to say  but I have lived in Phoenix for 15 years. I would NEVER consider being treated for CC at the Scottsdale facilities mentioned under the Scottsdale Health Centers. The very best here is Mayo Clinic and the Banner Hospitals who are bringing in MD Anderson in 2012. Just to be giving trials is not enough when so many other aspects of CC  come in to play. Mayo and Banner all have doctors who are up on the latest trials. I would also want the TOP Oncologist to be taking care of me and they are at Mayo and Banner.  Your quest is terriffic and we need members like you as sometimes it is just too much for people do do that kind of research, so thank you and keep up the good work.


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Thanks Lainy, for the excellent assessment.  We have not pursued the clinical trials here, but uncovered this information in our research.  I appreciate the feedback.  We have also been checking information at MD Anderson, Mayo Clinic, Sloan Kettering, and Dana Farber in Boston.