Topic: alternative therapies to help combat side effects of gemzar - and more

My partner has just come to the end of his first seven weeks of chemo treatment with gemzar.  When he was diagnosed over two months ago with stage 4 cholangio (metasticised to liver, adrenal gland and lymph nodes)we consulted two naturopaths with different approaches.  It is always advisable to work in conjunction with a qualified alternative therapist, but we wanted to share with you the advice he's been given so far in case it can help any of you:

One naturopath sent blood and urine samples (triad profile) to a clinic in Melbourne, Australia for analysis which were incredibly thorough and came back telling us whether he had anything from food allergies to nutrient deficiencies.  In his case abnormalities in gut flora were found so there was a concern that he may not be absorbing from food the vitamins he requires.  As a result he has started a program of pre and pro biotics along with methyl factors containing folate and b vitamins only to be taken during his non chemo weeks.  During the weeks he IS on chemo he currently takes livton, adrenoplex, AIR Granules (chinese herbal tea), coriolus-grifola drops (60 per day in juice), 2,000 mg fish oils, a daily juice containing carrot, beetroot, ginger, apple and flax oil, a daily smoothie containing banana, soy milk, natural yoghurt, berries and occassionally a whey protein supplement, as well as additional pain killers and anti nausea drugs (details in previous blog entry) from the hospital.  He is also following a vigorous nutritional program following guidelines based on the Patrick Quillen book, and regular exercise and positive visualisation techniques. 

Of course we are all individuals and what works for one of us may not be as effective for another, but we just hope that this might provide useful advice for someone out there.

All the very best to you all.

Re: alternative therapies to help combat side effects of gemzar - and more

Hi Puggle,   Thanks very much for sharing.  I believe alternative  treatments can help immensely.
Jeff G.

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