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Just joined and have posted a few times but didn't see this section until this morning -- I read some of the posts and have been sitting here crying

Dad was all curled up yesterday, the worst I've ever seen him -- I think he's going to go pretty soon but you just keep on hoping he'll stay just a little longer -- selfish as I know he wants to go!

Just helps to know that others have gotten through this --

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Rose, my husband passed December 6th and we were only married 16 years. He was the total love of my life as many on this Board know from my posts. I became addicted to this site as so many on here helped me through a bad 5 years. I know how important it is to be strong, to be loving and live each minute like there will be no more. By being strong I have mostly suceeded  in remembering the better things, like Teddy ambling in to the kitchen 5 days before he passed and asking me to dance with him. Oh, I have my days but mostly they are happy tears for what I had for those 16 years. Some people never have in a lifetime what I had in those years. Bottom line just keep thinking of the good time growing up and yes think that you don't want him to suffer like this and that he needs to go to his peace. We are all here for you and go ahead and use us to rant, rave or give your own advice. Bless you and your family.


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Rose, it is important you found this section.  It was a huge help to me in the months leading up to my dad's passing.  We lost him on Nov. 6th 2011.  He had been diagnosised for only five months.  He told me a few times in the weeks before he died it was his time to go.  He gave me some specific instructions about his services.  He was a man of few words but the words he spoke were listened to. Even after six months I get choked up about how we lost him so quickly.  So come here often and post.  There are so many caring people on this  site.  Like Lainy said, remember all  the fun times you had with your dad when he was well.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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Lainy and Pam -

Thank you both so much - it's SO hard to let go.