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Hello dear loved ones,
I know that you are wondering how Patty is getting along with her fight with CC.  We are thankful to the Lord for each day that we have together.  As you already know, when she came home from the hospital over a month ago, she was put into the care of hospice.  She was classified as critical care by hospice for the first week. Now hospice is constantly available if we need them and are just a phone call away. They have been so very caring and compassionate.  Patty continues to keep enough strength to get up and walk around some and has an appetitte, although she has nausea part of the time. She is able to eat several small meals each day.  Our greatest concern is the Acites fluid in her abdomen that continues to build and it is time to have it drained again.  This procedure will be done this coming week. 
We continue to ask for your prayers for healing.  We know that the Lord, in his wisdom and love, has seen fit to give us more time together.  It is wonderful to know that there are so many that are praying for us.  Patty's spirits are good and her smile is bright as always.  We both cling to God's promises that He will be with us in all things.  Heaven is only a prayer away.  We love you all.
Love and God Bless,
Ted and Patty
Ted and Patty

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Ted and Patty....... Your in our hearts and prayers.  Patty you are one super trooper. Hope your drain of ascites goes without complications.
Jeff G.

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You and Patty are definately in my prayers! I am glad to hear that she still has her appetite and the her condition is less critical. That is very good news indeed. You two are always so positive it is an inspiration. You are teaching me many things about Faith. I will think so very positive thoughts for Patty and you as well. Your love for her shines through in your posts and it is strengthening for many of us.


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