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I am a rep for nutritional products, and believe good quality supplements can play a huge part in battling many diseases.  With my fiance' being diagonosed with CC in January, my quest to learn more about nutrition and nutritional products as an addition to quality medical attention, has been a real focus in my life.  Below is an excert from an on-line article which is really exciting about reasearch on Omega III's and the battle against cholangiocarcinoma.  Omega III's are good for us for so many reasons, especially heart health, and this is just so exciting to read it may also be an effective therapy for CC.  (I know this will help to convince Mark to take his Omega III's more consistantly now  -:)

"In the second study, Abstract number 2680, the investigators treated cholangiocarcinoma tumor cells with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for 12 to 48 hours. Cholangiocarcinoma is a particularly aggressive form of liver cancer that arises in the ducts that carry bile from the liver and has an extremely high mortality rate. Again, the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA treatments resulted in a dose-dependent inhibition of cancer cell growth, while the omega-6 fatty acid AA treatment had no significant effect. Likewise, DHA treatment induced a cleavage form of PARP in cholangiocarcinoma cells, and DHA and EPA treatment significantly decreased the level of beta-catenin protein in the cells.

According to Dr. Wu, these findings suggest that omega-3 fatty acids not only may be an effective therapy for the treatment of human liver cancers but may also be a means of protecting the liver from steatohepatitis, a chronic liver disease characterized by the buildup of fat in the liver and believed to be a precursor of hepatocellular carcinoma. The next step in the process, he said, is to test the effects of omega-3 fatty acids in mice harboring human liver tumors."

Here is the linlk to the entire on-line article: … 3891.shtml

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Interesting article. We have some flax seed oil at my parents house which I'm going to start feeding my dad. It contains omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, but not the DHA that was specifically mentioned and tested. Do you or anyone else know of any over the counter products that contain the DHA omega-3's? Thanks.


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Omega 3 is in ProSure - a protein drink.  Our oncologist insisted that Sam drink at least two cans/day.  He said he was more interested in him drinking this than he was calorie intake.  We asked him about the pills and he said that if you had any belching whatsoever, you would taste and smell like sardines -yuk!!!!

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I take Tri Omega III in pill form (gel) that I represent (see link below for more info)and they do have the DHA Omega 3's.    And yes, it is VERY common to belch "fish" in a good quality form.  That tends to be a bummer, but keeping the product in the freezer, taking with digestive enzymes, and/or taking it before bedtime does help. 

If you are interested, contact me privately for more information on how to order the TriOmega III product I represent.  But definately get your father on a good quality Omega 3 product.  It is so good for so many reasons!

Kathy Boyd
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I live in UK and can buy various Omega-3 products here but can you advise what I should be looking for ?  I do eat fish but maybe not as frequent as I should,  I'm quite happy to take a fish-derived product (I hardly ever belch).  But what type of product is best eg capsules, cod liver oil in liquid form, etc etc ?   And what doseage ?


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I take an Pro DHA Omega-3 Fish Oil gel capsule (500 mg) twice a day that has a strawberry flavoring added to it, so there's no fishy taste.  It's made by Nordic Naturals of Norway and distributed in the US by Nordic Naturals of Watsonville, California.  Phone 800-662-2544, website

-Caroline Stoufer