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Hello - My mother in-law was just diagnosed with Stage IV adenocarcinoma of the biliary tract (we will officially know if its cholangiocarcinoma on Tues. but her Dr. is leaning that way, although there is a chance that the primary origin is pancreatic).  Unfortunately, at this time it has already metastisized to her liver, pancreas, gallbladder, small intestines, large intestines, and abdominal wall - all unresectable.  She went in for a Whipple on Thurs. but they had to abort due to all the organs her cancer had spread to.  Since Thursday she has had a lot of pain, no desire to eat except for ice chips, and drifting in and out of sleeping for 45 minutes conversing and making pretty good jokes for 5 minutes then falling asleep mid sentence.  We have really been trying to get her up and walking around but she is really resisting .  We should be scheduled for a meeting with a team of oncologists (Abou-Alfa, O'Reilly and Tse) from Sloan-Kettering (hopefully within the next couple of days - contingent upon gettting her released from the hospital which means getting her up and moving).

If anyone can share their opinions on the following it would be greatly appreciated 1)Dr. 2). Food that maybe palatable and tolerated 3)Tricks for getting her up and about.   Our family is shell shocked, and I am trying to get as much information behind the scenes as I can. 

This site is great.  Thanks in advance.

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Penpal........Sorry to hear about your Mother-in-law and surgical abort.  I would recommend clicking on the nutritional section to the left as you scroll down.  It has all the nutritional information you could possibally try.  Sloan-Kettering is an excellent choice.  Sorry they weren't able to proceed with surgery at this time.  One thing I have notice over the pass couple of years of just hopping around from and to sites is that women seem to have a little more positive results with chemo treatments although I have no statistics to back that up.  Getting her out of bed... other than impress upon her how great it would be to get back home.  I actually checked myself out a day early with alot of prompting of the attending doctor as I could not stand being in hospital any longer than possible.  You can make a lot of travel arrangements when you have your cell phone hidden under your pillow.
God Bless,
Jeff G.   P.S.  I liked orange flavoured popsicles versus plain ice and fruity yogurts I remember went down well. I think anything bland fruity and cool got me going for some reason. Nothing carbonated like soda as it caused bloating and pain even sipping it.

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Re: Introduction and advice needed

Jeff G,

Ironic you should mention orange pops, I just told my husband to go and buy the edy's all natural tangeringe and/or lemon and to tell her they were a present from her granddaughter.  She wouldn't dare refuse her. 

With respect to oncologists we seem to be circuling a round Ruggerio and Ocean from NY Hospital since she is there now and we know that we can get them to come see her ASAP and then we will still go forward with a relative value analysis with the team from Sloan-Kettering.  Bland, fruity and cool I think that will be our new mantra.

Thank you!!!