Topic: Gemzar treatment

I had my third Chemo treatment today.  My oncologist decided against using Cisplatin, because of the intense nausea and vomiting it rendered on me.  I ended up being hospitalized for a week for grade 3 toxicity from the Cisplatin. 

So for my third round of treatment I just received Gemzar.

Has anyone had a similar experience being knocked off a secondary Chemo and just put on Gemzar??

I do not know if this is indefinite.  I would think thay Mayo would continue with the secondary chemo, when I'm well enough. 


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Re: Gemzar treatment

No, but I learned recently why Cisplatin wasn't even considered for me.  Gemzar is one of the more 'benign' chemo agents.  Cisplatin clearly is not.  With my cardiac issues, etc., the oncologist decided Gemzar only.    I was started on a 3 weeks on/one off cycle, but that had be be changed to two on/one off after my blood chemistry got hammered, along with some other nasty side effects that had me in the hospital for three days.  The balance of the six months went OK  Cisplatin is some nasty stuff!

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