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RonN..... I just read your family blog and was wondering what type of radiation is Tammy getting.  I have had what they call 3-D conformal radiation twice without any 5-fu and it appeared to have stopped all the pain in the areas zapped. Once about a year ago directly to the liver and about 6 months ago to the spinal and rib area.  I had no side effects other than some tiredness and too date have not had any growth or pain in those areas.  I now have a problem up in the spinal cervical area causing significant pain to shoulders and left arm especially. Going to see oncologist tomorrow and hope he agrees radiation would be the way to proceed again.  It seems like I keep putting out hot spots of tumors.  Thats ok with me as long as I can keep on top of them.  Again wish Tammy the best! Positive attitude, and prayers help a lot as well.  Will be nine years on 16 March that I have been dealing with this nusiance.  Can't say it has gotten any easier either but maybe it will stop and leave me alone one day hey?
God Bless!
Jeff G.

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JeffG... I had to go back to see what kind of radiation Tammy had.  She had IMRT - Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy.  30 treatments, one each week day over 6 weeks.