Topic: Informationsabout Night Sweat.

A study involved 36  outpatients who had GI reflux symptoms reported having night sweats;80% of the the 24 patients had frequent night sweats reported having  GI reflux symptoms .With appropriate treatment for the GI reflux,all had relief of night sweats. However it may not be easy to generalize these results due to possible bias.

Another study conducted in 100 hospice patients with cancer,16 reported sweating,mostly occur at night;sweating did not correlate with tumor type,pain, or medication use.

Malignancy(soliod tumors and lymphoma etc), infection (tuberculosis, HIV, endocarditis).
Medications(OTC medications  such as tylenol,advil,Aleve and migraine medications such as Zomag and Imitrex and Maxalt;blood pressure pills like diltiazem,Tizac -those calcium channel blockers and beta blockers like propranolol,metoprolol and atenolol).
Endocrine causes(thyroid,diabetic) ,neurologic disease(stroke,spinal injury, autonomic neuropathy),menopause and idiopathic hyperhidrosis are possible causes and diagnosis for night sweat.

Antipressants are perhaps the most common medication-related cause of sweating.

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Re: Informationsabout Night Sweat.

omgosh! Percy, Thyroid problems? I have been sweating at night for months now. I am talking wringing wet. About the same time I went on Thyroid meds. When I went to the Endocrinologist  2 weeks ago and he said I had an enlarged Thyroid I googled enlarged thyroid/diabetes II and  read where the enlarged thyroid could be causing my glucose to go crazy!!!  I can't wait for Wednesday as he is going to do Thyroid tests and LABS. Sure hope he finds an answer as nothing is working for me. And I feel like ___!   Teddy had the CC and I had the GIST Tumor and neither of us sweat. At least if I was doing something to make me sweat like that it wouldn't be as bad! Uh Huh! Couldn't resist.