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Hi everyone,
  My mom has CC, diagnosed in March of this year. She had the major surgery with negative margins and then underwent chemo and radiation. For the past 2 and half months she has been suffering from internal bleeding. No matter what they do it continues to come back. Now she has abdominal ascites and the jaundice has returned. They took a CT a few weeks ago and saw shadows on her liver. They said her liver does not look good. She has an appointment with the Oncologist on Wednesday. Has anyone had experience with the bleeding or ascites. I know this is not a good sign. Any info would be appreciated.


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Dear Chris,

Welcome to the site.  Big hugs to you and your mom.  I have not witnessed the bleeding aspect, but I did witness the ascites aspect with my friend.  Early on, the ascites was able to be treated with a diuretic.  However, as her organs started to go into failure, the only way to remove the excess fluid buildup was to go into the doctor to have the fluid drained.  In retrospect, the ascites came towards the end of my friend's journey.  However, please note that my friend stopped aggressive treatment after she was deemed unresctable.  I have noticed that many other cholangio patients on here have been able to find to effectively deal with the ascites over prolonged periods of time.  In other words, my friend's experience is just one of many - the information I'm sharing with you does not necessarily translate to your mom.  Hopefully some of those on this site that have been met with success versus ascites will share their information with you.

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