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Hello-  I haven't written in a while- diagnosed in 4/08- had resection and 3 years of chemo.  Currently looking into clinical trials, but also alternative therapies.  Has anyone tried or know of anyone that has tried cesium?  This is a high PH alkaline therapy- banking on the belief that cancer thrives in an acid environment and can't survive in an alkaline environment.  The person I spoke with said I would have to be on this a year and will get worse before I get better.  Also discussed some sort of scary side effects.  Inflammation and
coughing up blood. ( I have Stage IV with mets to lungs and lymph nodes),
but the tumor markers are still around 42.  I haven't had any chemo since May-
they ran out of things to give me, so alternative sounds like it might be an option.  I feel pretty good- blood work is good, and I will have a scan this month.  I still work full time- I do get tired.  Thanks for this wonderful website-
lots of info.   I would love to hear from the folks who are still here like me after being given months to live.  There is a lot of info out there, but you need to
be very careful.  That's why I love this site.
Take care and Gof Bless everyone.

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Hi Celeste,

That is great to hear that you are feeling pretty good right now and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for your scan this month. Please let us know how it goes and I am sending you loads of positive wishes for this.

I had never heard of Cesium and searched the website here and found no posts on it. I hadf a quick look around google for Cesium and found some links - … m-chloride

You are very right indeed about there being a lot of information out there and how everyone should be careful. Who was this person that you spoke with regarding Cesium, were they a doctor/onc etc? If not, I strongly suggest that you seek medical advice before even considering this treatment. Obviously no one here can tell you to do or not do something regarding a specific treatment, that is up to the individual. But please, if you want to find further information on this then speak with your doctors and see what they say about Cesium.

My best wishes to you,


Any advice or comments I give are based on personal experiences and knowledge and are my opinions only, they are not to be substituted for professional medical advice. Please seek professional advice from a qualified doctor or medical professional.

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Hi Celeste and welcome back, good to see you. I was wondering if you have tried consulting with another Oncologist to see what they might suggest. I have never heard of this treatment either. May I ask where you are being treated?
We do have quite a few Stage IV members here and that shows there is hope.
Please come around more often now and also keep us posted on your progress.


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Celeste, I was in to this alkaline treatments for a while, though not with cesium. Till I found out there is no evidence.
To prevent the body form being to acid I avoid meat and a eat vegetarian (+fish sometimes).
The pH in the body is constantly regulated by the body itself using different mechanisms. There is some harsh side-effects using alkalines as well.

I really hope your scan turnes out to be just fine - I find your story VERY encouraging!!!! Please let us know!!!!

I read your previous posts and you really are a survivor! I was also given months (they didn

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Hello-  Somehow I lost my reply- so I will try and remember what I said and will learn to copy and paste in case I do it again...........

Hi Gavin- Thanks very much for your reply.  And,the man I spoke with was named Larry- not a Dr.- I think he may be the principle of a website called Essense of Life.  He asked me questions, but never said Cesium will cure cancer- it is PH therapy.  He said I would have to be on it for a year.  The link you gave me mentioned that 3 or 4 months was a long time and could cause problems. A year would really scare me.  I did talk to my Nurse Pract. about this- when the only problem was low postassium ( hadn't done enough research), she said if I chose to do this, they would monitor my blood levels.  But just the other day we talked again because Larry told me about the inflammation Cesium can cause, and she said it might be a problem if my liver enzymes got out of whack and we couldn't get them back, it would disqualify me for clinical trials.  So, I have a lot to consider.  Thanks again for your concern and the links.

Hi Lainy- And, thank you for you reply.  I am being treated since April 08 at Contra Costa Oncology in Walnut Creek, CA.   In 2009 I also went to USC and UCLA, and they agreed with the treatment my Dr. (Michael Sherman) was giving me.  Recently I have been to UCSF here in the Bay Area checking out
clinical trials.  My Dr. there is Amy Moore- very nice and informative.  She has given me the names of several alternative medicine Drs- I haven't gotten into any correspondence with them yet.  Thanks again!

And, finally- Hi Maria-   Thanks also for your reply.
I am glad to hear you are doing well.  Have you had a scan lately?  My last scan was in May, and it showed progression, so I am sort of scared to have another one within a couple weeks, having had nothing but my "home" treatment to keep me going.   So, I am praying the positive attitude and prayers will work...  :-)   But, they have been monitoring my
tumor markers every two weeks- I have gone from under 34 to 41.9 in the
last 4 months.  They say that is good- a lot of people have very high markers.
You make me want to become a vegetarian too-  I haven't eaten red meat in over 30 years, but still eat chicken and turkey.  I try and stick to a "sort of" alkaline diet, but have a sweet once in a while and bread.........  I wanted to
mention a couple things for everyone having to go through chemo, or radiation for that matter.   I think I am blessed with a great immune system, as I never really had any bad side effects with chemo, except fatigue and neuropathy.
I think it may be because of a couple things that I have been doing.  I have fresh vegetable juice every day.   We make it every morning, and I drink some in the morning and some in the evening.  At least I know I am getting my veggies for the day!  I have been doing that for about two years.  Also, for about 2 1/2 years I have been taking a product called Flax Lignans- it is a ground powder made from the hull of the flax seed.  We all know how good flax is for us, but this is supposed to be better.  I think it was originally made for AIDs patients.   I take one heaping scoop a day- you mix with water.  It's not too bad, but I have gotten use to it.  I do think I have to thank both the juice and the flax for my great blood work through all of this!  I am definitely going to check out the items you are taking-  And Thank you again.

To everyone, You are in my positive thoughts and prayers.

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My scans has shown shrinkage since oct-10. Having another one next week. What bothers me now are the nodulis that

No matter whether you think that you can, or that you can´t, you´re right
//Henry Ford