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There will be a direct link to this web page on the new website, but I wanted to get this out to everyone as they have some great information and help to offer.

Pay attention to the dark blue information on the left-hand side, that is how you guide yourself through this website.  Also, note that you can enter your information and an oncology nurse will send back a reply.  Really, I spoke with the head of ONS and this is exactly what they want you to do.  Hope this is helpful.  You will also see several other helpful things on this website to assist you.


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Great find Stacie.    Thank you.

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That's a great website - I wish I had found it when my mother had shortness of breath (dypsnea). The doctors at NYU Hospital kept telling her it was an anxiety attack and couldn't seem to get it through their thick skulls that it was a symptom of her cc and/or chemo regime - the anemia and the ascites cutting off her breath. Only hospice was smart enough to prescribe morphine, which as an opioid helps breathing in these cases many times.

I advise all caregivers out there to take a look at this site - I'm sure there's more that can be added, but the parts I looked at were thorough and informative. Very helpful - thanks, Stacie!

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Hi Stacie...... Excellent !   I think this is a perfecto cover all in my opinion.  JeffG.

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