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Hi this is Val. I haven't posted many messages on the board but do read it a lot.

My husband Rand, 60 years old was diagnosed with CC in March of this year. He has been receiving chemo and the tumor, when the last CT scan was done, had shrunk. We haven't had a scan in several months but I have a feeling the cancer is growing.

The reason for the subject being chemicals is because I am just curious how many people out there with CC have worked with chemicals. Rand has been around airplanes his entire life and in the 70's worked as a mechanic at a airforce base. He worked with trichloroethylene, they used it to clean their tools and also would take off their shirts and dunk it in this stuff to clean the grease off and then put it back on while it was still wet, they even strayed it on the inside of the airplane to clean the grease and did not wear masks.

I don't know if this is what casued his cancer and don't want to go after any companies but would be interested in knowing if others have worked with chemicals or were around them.


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Hi Val,
So sorry that you and your husband are going through this. I think you will see, if you search through some of the posts, that chemicals and environmental factors have been mentioned quite a few times - in my own research, I saw that people who work in certain industries have a much higher rate of certain cancers, including cc. Someone here (I forget who) had a husband who worked in the auto industry and was exposed to toxins. If you do a search for "toxins" maybe, you can see what other people had to say. Also, there was a discussion concerning Agent Orange exposure for those who fought in Vietnam - there seems to definitely be a connection there, also.

Best of luck to you and your family,

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Dear Val,
My husband also worked with Trichloroethylene, he used to service dry cleaning machines as part of his job, again this was probably in the 70s - he has been wondering if this was to blame for the cancer?
It may be a coincidence but TCE is classed as a carcinogen now.

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I've also worked with Trichloroethylene for about one year.  That was 34 years ago, though.