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Tomorrow marks one year since my dad's passing.  It has been a busy year.  My husband and I sold our house and moved to another state.  We left our 20 year old back in our hometown.  I cleaned out my parents' home and sold it.  We bought a house here and I went back to work.  I miss both of my parents everyday!  Even though I've been busy,  I have reflected everyday on what my dad went through with this cancer.  I appreciate this board and all its members.  It has given me a place to come to for support.  Thank you all!  Pam

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Hi Pam, you have done a lot this year and I am sure it was all good changes.
Where does a year go? Where are you living now? It's not easy to leave one behind! My daughteR has 4 and next Fall 3 of them will be in Colleges away from home!  Thank goodness for 15 year old babies!!!
You know that I believe your parents are all round you and they are very proud of all you achieved this year. Time now for some enjoyment. Thanks for giving us an update and feel free to drop by any time!

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Thanks Lainy! Before my dad got sick, my husband rejoined the USAF and transferred to GA.  He was up here almost a year before I could join him.  Our son is attending college on the MS gulf coast.  We are going to visit him for his 21st birthday.  We plan to whoop it up in New Orleans for a few days.  Changes are hard and I really appreciate your response.  Don't think my mom would be too happy that I went back to work.  Haha...I retired as a teacher after 25 years. She'd want me to stay home.

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Pam....It is amazing the resiliance we possess and how we continue to adapt to profound changes in our lifes.  We find comfort in the familiar and have to stretch to keep up with the new.  Enjoy your new surroundings and have a fun time along the way.
All my best wishes,


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Thinking of you Pam and sending lots of love xx

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Dear Pam,
I looked back through your posts and you sure did go through a lot with your Dad. He was very lucky to have you there with him. I'm sure he and your Mom are watching you every day from heaven and are so proud of the wonderful daughter they raised. Take care.

-Love, Pam

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Thank you all for the kind words.  I was so touched to learn that my son went to the VA cemetery to pay respects  to my dad, his grandpa, today.  I will pay my respects tomorrow here in GA.   We are all thinking of him.  Again, thank you all.

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Dear Pam

A year has gone by, yet i am sure it still feels like yesterday.  I am thinking of you.  Lots of love


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