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Just a question.  How long do people usually run obituaries for?  I can't believe how expensive they are. I took a few to create my mother, the funeral director came back today with a price.  I know it was long, but so were the others.  My mother was well known around her town with two very successful businesses. But at $270 per day, I can't run it for consecutive days.

Any suggestions?  Which day would be the best, Friday, the weekend?  Her services are on Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon.  Is this a waste to spend this money?  She didn't mention anything to me about an obituary.  I do know she wanted an open bar at the reception after the funeral...and she told my dad not to be cheap.

Thanks for your advice and input.

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mn....don't most people read the obituaries on the weekends?  Not only does it appear in the paper but, additionally it shows up on the internet for those people going paperless.  Of course that includes weekday obituaries too.  I will be thinking of you on Monday and Tuesday.  And if you can please, have a sip of wine for me in memory of your dear Mom.  How many people do you think will be there?  Your Dad may be in for a big bill given that it is an open bar.   


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Mn,  I love that your Mom told your dad not to be cheap!  Both my patents obituaries were about that price but for one long obituary print and then a second day abbreviated version ( Name, age, town, burial arrangements)  We wrote the long one.  I agree it would be better for it to appear in the weekend paper.  And I definitely agree that obituaries are ridiculously expensive.    Thoughts and prayers will be with you on Monday and Tuesday.

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Hi mn,
My suggestion would be to run the long obituary on Sunday. That is when most people read the paper. You could run a short notice on Saturday stating when and where services are. In our paper a lot of people do that.  I'm sure relatives have already been informed so the paper would be to inform acquaintances. I don't feel it is a waste. I'm sure a lot of people that knew your Mom would want to come and pay their respects. They might not hear of her passing without an obituary. I wish you strength to get through all of this.
Love, -Pam

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Dear MN, the fact that your Mom wanted an open bar just goes to show what a well loved lady she was. And what a wonderful person she was in that she wants people to remember her for love, fun and humor other than what happened in sickness. You will do fine, just remember you are playing hostess for your Mom and she is very proud of you as her daughter!


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Hi-mn love love the open bar theme!! When my mom passed away, we had two funerals one here in the midwest and one in California where she was from. The obituary here are free, so imagine our suprise when we were putting her's in the San Jose Mercury and the clerk said it would be over a thousand dollars (and more if we wanted a pic)!! Needless to say her California funeral was by word of mouth!
Lots of prayers for you during this time-Cathy

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The obituary has another function other than to inform people who want to attend the services. I am a librarian and we get many requests for obituaries from people who are doing genealogical research so I would second the suggestion to see if it is cheaper to run an abbreviated version on one day and then a longer version on a second day, it will be a lasting written record of your mother's life and death for generations to come.

It is funny your mom told your dad not to be cheap. My mom also left some instructions about how much money to spend on her casket. It was interesting because when her brother died she wanted the best for him but she told us not to spend too much money on hers.


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My dad passed away this past October, and we couldn't believe how much they wanted for flowers, obituaries, everything!  We didn't have a lot of money and did extensive research and found a website that gives you obituaries that don't count words (unlimited) and pictures as well.  We figured that all of our friends would check online for the Obituary anyway, so we skipped the whole newspaper thing and paid $30.00 for a lovely Obituary.  PLUS it stays online for a year.  Not a day.  I'm really happy we were able to do it, because the paper quoted us over $1000.00!  No way.  I put the money towards more flowers instead.  I'm new here and don't know if I can post links but his obituary is at … alex-brown 

An open bar is a great way to honor somebody.  She must have been an amazing woman.  My condolences to you.  It is such a long road....