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I posted 10 days ago when my mother passed.  I just wanted to share more information. … 8201.story

I still can't believe she is gone.  It seems so surreal.  I keep waiting for her to yell out that she is not sleeping, she is just resting her eyes.

Thank you for all your notes that you have sent out over the last week and a half.  Your messages have been very helpful.

Her funeral was perfect.  When we were discussing funeral plans with our social worker, she was expecting about 75 people.  Over 300 people showed up.  The funeral director has been a friend of 25+ years and said this was one of the most difficult services he has had to do.  It was a perfect day.  Luckily, I had a couple more sick days that I was able to use, so right now I am going to spend a couple days in jammies and just feel yucky before having to go back to work.

I thank you for all the support on this website...I really don't know how I would have made it through the last year with out you.

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Michelle, your Mother was absolutely gorgeous! Wow! By the way, she is just resting her eyes as she is going to be forever busy watching over you and your family.

You were very lucky to have that special love shared between daughter and mother. I believe that in Heaven there is no time. There is only the moment. The beauty is that one day, you will meet again and to them, no time will have passed. There is a reason why pain is meant to be part of our journey. It allows us greater depth of feeling which also allows greater heights of joy.


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I also wanted to post this wonderful tribute my husband created for my moms service.  It was beautiful. … ture=email

My husband wanted to get some video of my mother talking about our wedding day for our wedding video (that I am hoping to have the final edited version, before our 10 year anniversary ).  However, he used it in this.  You would think it was made for this, but it wasn't.

I do enjoy having a visual of the people on this board.  I do think of you all as extended family...a wonderful support system.  I have made some nice friends on here that I am now friends with on facebook where we can share more of our experiences.

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Beautiful, beautiful! What a gorgeous family. Now I really see that your Mom will live on in a daughter who resembles her and a Granddaughter who has a resemblance as well. What a legacy! You are stunning and in my humble opinion you could be a younger sister of Giada de Laurentis on the Food Channel. I absolutely loved the video.....job well done and a wonderful Video to look at often and to remember Loving Memories. Thank you.


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Dear Michelle,
Wow!! You and your Mother are absolutely gorgeous. Your video of your Mom made me cry. You both look like such warm, caring people. Your Mom lives on in you and your family. I know you miss her so much, but she is with you every day in your heart. Bless you and your family. The world lost such a beautiful woman, but heaven gained a dear, sweet angel.

Love, -Pam

My beautiful daughter, Lauren Patrice, will live on in my heart forever.

My comments, suggestions, and opinions are based on my experience as a caretaker for my daughter, Lauren and from reading anything I can get my hands on about Cholangiocarcinoma. Please consult a physician for professional guidance.

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Dear Michelle -  I, like Pam, cried at the video.   The music was so moving.  Clearly, you had an extraordinary relationship with your mom.   Thank you for sharing the news article and video with us.  It helps us to know you and your family. 

My heart aches for you,

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I didn't even realize this is you.  I am so sorry for your loss.   I too, just feel so numb.

Loving daughter of Kathy, diagnosed with CC July 18, 2011.  She passed quietly in her sleep on November 17, 2011.

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Michelle-WOW what an amazing video and all showing how she was so full of love and laughter. What a legacy she leaves behind. Her video makes me want to make sure there are more smiles in my life. I never met her but the video of her  makes you want to be a better person.
My heart breaks for you-keep making her proud, you are amazing. (Lainy is right you look like Giada!!)
Lots of prayers-Cathy