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Miles Krowicki (who posted here once in March using the name mileskrowicki) passed away this morning.  He also lived in Calgary, so I've followed him on facebook since his battle began early this year.  He was a strong man who fought to the very end for his wife and 2 teenage daugthers.  His posts on facebook are amazing and I highly recommend reading them - you should be able to access his wall, where he describes what has been happening since basically the beginning (start at the bottom).!/profile.php? … mp;sk=wall

Praying for Miles and his beautiful family.

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Thanks so much Jen for bringing this to our attention. Prayers and thoughts going out to the family.


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My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Miles.  Having just lost my husband Tom on 11/20/11 after an almost 4 year battle,  I know first hand what his family is going through.  Words alone cannot express...


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Thank you, Jen.  I'm sorry to hear of Miles' passing.  My thoughts are with his family & friends.

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Dear Jen,

I just read Miles' Facebook. What a courageous man. How heartbreaking.

Love, -Pam

My beautiful daughter, Lauren Patrice, will live on in my heart forever.

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I end up crying a lot when I come here and after reading his Facebook posts I am a sobbing mess. He seems like a person who really understood what life was all about from the beginning and from the photos it is clear he lived life to its fullest. The definition he gives of his name is heartbreaking and his posts reveal the clarity he had that cc made even clearer: All is now. Now is all. What he says about women is also very touching, how lucky his wife and daughters were to have him in their lives, I am so sorry they have lost him.


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WOW- what an amazing man. His FB page was so moving, I feel sad for never having crossed pathes.
Lots of prayers for his family-Cathy

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I'm glad to hear that his words moved others the way they did with me.  Although I never met him, and my family only had very brief communication with him soon after his diagnosis (he e-mailed my Mom after finding out we were in the same city), I find myself grieving for him as I would a friend.  My thoughts are with his family, and I hope somehow they can find out about this site, and read what others thought of their amazing Husband and Dad.


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I too read Miles FB page, what a moving experience that was for me, having just lost my husband to CC.  What a brave man he was to be able to write such words about death, and his cancer.

WOW is all I can say.
"Widow of Tom G. Lepp who passed away from CC on 11/20/2011"

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Thank you for sharing.  I wish I had known about his FB while my mom was experiencing the same symptoms.  What a courageous man. 

Bless his heart.

Loving daughter of Kathy, diagnosed with CC July 18, 2011.  She passed quietly in her sleep on November 17, 2011.