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My father has begun to have lots of confusion and has become very weak. He is still not in a hospital bed, but could barely walk to the bathroom today. He is eating well thanks to a medicine change, however, even though he sleeps most of the day. Now to the odd question...he claims to be seeing a black band around his head when he closes his eyes. What does that mean? Is this something that happens close to death? He has been very agitated the past few days as well. Also we have noticed that his pet dog has not wanted to leave his side the past few days. This is not usual. Any thoughts?

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Pets have an uncanny sense about things. Odd things can happen when people are close to death. My personal thoughts are spend as much time with him as possible, keep him calm and comfortable and tell time you love him and if he is tired it is okay and you will be okay. I lost my dad in march and that was the hardest thing to do but it gave me closure. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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Dear ANP, is Dad having Hospice Care? There are things he can take for agitation. Never heard of the black band but I know that for a couple of weeks Teddy was picking at sheets, slept more, ate less and generally got much weaker. I do believe that animals know something, but that is my opinion. I also feel it is so important to let Dad know that its OK to go to his Peace and that you will all be OK. As Shari said it sounds like a hard thing to do but it really is not and once you say it, it will be easier the next time and somehow telling him that gives you the sense you are helping him make his journey.


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Confusion can be a sign of hepatic encephalopathy, it can be treated, there are posts on here if you use the search function, here are a couple: … hp?id=1661 … hp?id=6566