Topic: !! Scheduled Maintenance : 11/30/07, 9:30pm - 12/1/07, 3:00am !!

Our website maybe down or up and down sporadically during this time.

Friday, November 30th 2007 9:30 PM - Saturday, December 1st 3:00AM PST

(gs) Grid-Service customers on Cluster.1
(ss) Shared Services
(dp)(dpv)(nitro) some Dedicated Physical Services


On Friday, November 30th, our data center Electrical Engineers will facilitate proactive replacement of certain electrical systems in one of our Facility Power Segments at our EL-DC3 data center.   In addition, an upgrade will be taking place to core components of the (gs), including the storage subsystem. This vendor-recommended upgrade required additional time and thus has been grouped with the data center activity in order to reduce customer impact.

This larger than normal maintenance period is a proactive measure to prevent power failure incidents as experienced by various other data centers mentioned in recent news.  We would like to remind all customers that scheduled infrastructure maintenance and security related updates are a necessary and vital aspect of web hosting that ensures the long term uptime and reliability of your services.

Re: !! Scheduled Maintenance : 11/30/07, 9:30pm - 12/1/07, 3:00am !!

Thanks everyone.  That was pretty painless, and spammers didn't have a chance to post any messages overnight.  smile