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I´ve tried acupuncture now two days in a row against nausea caused by GemCis. The nausea completely disappeared!!
I got GemCis on monday, with Ondansetron but not steroids (I don´t want to take steroids no matter what, becuse of the side-effects)
I would really recommende acupuncture for those suffering from nausea. It doesn´t help everybody, but it´s not dangerous to try.

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Maria what a great Christmas present! YEA! By the way I know what you mean about steroids. Been on them a month and weaning off. Can't take anymore.
I am so happy about the acupuncture...keep up the good work!  A very Merry Christmas to you!!!


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And a very very Merry Christmas to you, best Lainy in the world <3

No matter whether you think that you can, or that you can´t, you´re right
//Henry Ford

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Dear Maria,

I am so glad you have found a natural way to help with your nausea. That is so great! I can't imagine how awful it must be to feel sick all of the time. I thank God every day that Lauren is able to control her nausea for the most part with compazine and ativan. She can function normally when she takes compazine and only takes the ativan at night. Take care Maria.

Love, -Pam

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Acupuncture works but depends highly on the skills  and experiences of the person who performs the procedure.
Make sure he/she is certified.
God bless.

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Hi Maria,

Thats great that the acupuncture works for you with the nausea and I hope that it continues to do so.

Best wishes,


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That's great! 

Best wishes!