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Hi All
I hope someone has some answers.

I am concerned at my hair loss, is this normal for CC patients. I have not had any chemo or radiation. Is this a side effect of the illness? Or is this a sign of
the CC getting worse?

cheers Jill

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Hi, Jill,

I don't think so.
How long have you been on AVEMAR ?
God bless.

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Re: Hair Loss

Hi Jill,

I haven't heard of this happening before without chemo or radiation. Maybe you could use the search function here on the site to see if there are any posts by the members about this. Have you spoken with your doctors about this, and if so, what did they say?

Best wishes,


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Re: Hair Loss

Jill-I never had hair loss when doing chemo or radiation, I had major hair loss after my second transplant. My doctors and hairdresser believed it was or could have been lack of protein, all my other different drugs...
Lots of prayers-Cathy