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Christmas Eve marked the sixth month since my Dad left us - I put red and green anthuriums at my Mom and Dad's niche at the cemetery - they looked so pretty and Christmasy -

I had my brother and sister-in-law, my son and his wife and my daughter and her husband over for lunch on Christmas Day - it was a lot easier having the gathering at my house than at my brother's - it would have been too hard not seeing my Dad at his usual place at the table -

How time has flown - so many things have happened in the past six months - yet, at times, it seems like he just left

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Hi Rose, good to see you again! Yes, each first is so hard but we manage somehow to get though it all mostly because that is what our loved ones would want. Wishing you and your family a better New Year and a very Healthy one as well.

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Rose.....nice to see your posting.  Your choice of flower seems so very appropriate and lovely.  As Lainy has mentioned, the many "first" coming our way always are difficult, but changing the routine a bit often times can prove to be the best answer to a difficult time. 
I wish for a Happy New Year.
All my best,


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Here's wishing you and your family an easier year in 2012. I hope your pain turns to fond memories. God bless you all.

Love, -Pam

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Hi, Lainy, Marion and Pam -

Well, 2012 will be an adventure - I have a re-occurrence of a lung infection and just started back on medication the week before Christmas - I was treated for this in 2001 and was considered in remission until a chest x-ray a couple of months ago indicated that the infection was again active - so will be on medication for at least one year - then my dog had to go on steroids and antibiotics as well as a hypoallergenic dog food because he has all the symptoms of an, as yet, undetermined allergy - so he'll have to have allergy testing as well!

Seems I'll be seeing a lot of doctors this coming year!

Take care of yourselves -

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Rose, you are not supposed to start a New Year this way! I hope you feel better quickly. A dog on steroids. I wonder if they have side effects like we do. I have been on steroids for 7 weeks now. UGH! Poor doggie, I sure hope he gets better quickly also.  Mmmmm wonder if you could just skip 2012 and go right to 2013? At any rate feel better fast!!!

Teddy ~In our hearts forever~ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING
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Rose, I lost my brother, Tom, six months ago.  Im saying the same as you.  Six months already.  I don't want the time to move, feel like he is farther away.  Then I feel like he is always with us.  I am new to this site.  Im curious to know if peoples loved ones left as soon as my brother did.  Not even 2 months and he was gone.  Still in shock.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your brother.  You are not alone.  Yes,  there are others who who have passed quickly.  My husband died less than 2 months after his first trip to emergency.  Until then he was living a full, active life.  We thought he was healthy.    He wasn't officially diagnosised with CC until approximately 10 days before he passed away.   Yes it is hard and yes it is shocking.   Losing someone to this disease, especially so quickly isn't easy.  I try to remember him as he was before this all started and am greatful that he only suffered for a short time.  I truely believe our loved ones are never far away.  They are always near us and will be with us forever in our hearts and memories.

I found this site a few days after he passed away.  It has helped me in so many ways.  Without this site and the wonderful people on it I don't think I would have been able to deal with all of this.  I still have some good days and some not so good, but I try to just take things as they come now, one day at a time.

Keep coming back here. It really does help.  Take care.

Love & Hugs,

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