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When the new website is up and running, can we please have a section on treatments-not really a forum, but a place that describes which ones are available, where, and possibly linked publication/research information?

It is hard when you are trying to figure things out and you are scanning through the Chemo, Experiences, Clinical Trials and Good News sections of the forum for information. If we could just have general information on available treatments it would be a godsend.


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Re: treatments

I would like to add to Kris post if anyone thinks it would help to split it up into Intrahepatic and extrahepatic.  This would be helpful if the treatments were different for each type???  Not sure, just brainstorming.


Re: treatments

The plan is to present some general treatments on the new website.  At the same time, I believe many of us have witnessed how differently patients react to similar treatments.  Thus, we believe it is extremely important to speak with your medical treatment team regarding the various treatment options available for your particular case. 

So, the short of it is that we'll do our best to include some general treatment options, with a strong encouragement to discuss all options with your doctor.

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