Topic: Phase 1 Research Trial of Belinostat for compromised liver

Moffitt Cancer Center is participating in a National Cancer Institute "Phase 1 Pharmacokinetic Study of Belinostat for Solid Tumors and Lymphomas in Patients with Varying Degrees of Hepatic Dysfunction".  Study# CTEP #8846 / MCC 16683.   This is the only chemo option my oncologist knows of for patients with elevated bilirubin levels, who would otherwise be at high risk to take the well-known chemo drugs.

Belinostat is currently being used to treat Lymphomas in non-liver-impaired patients.  I don't know how effective it has been, but the NCI wants to find out how well it works for patients with liver problems which leads me to believe that they believe belinostat is less hard on the liver than other chemo.  Belinostat works by turning off the switch that tells cancer cells to multiply.  What NCI doesn't know is whether patients with compromised lived function can tolerate it, and, (big AND) how effective it is on SOLID tumors.

The release form makes it look like it may be Florida only, I don't know if they are testing elsewhere.  They are looking for only 80 participants.  There will not be placebo testing, however patients will be randomly assigned different dosage levels.

Thanks to my health improving, I won't (yet) be participating.

If this trial is of interest to you, the contact at Moffitt (Tampa, FL) is
Richard, Kim, MD
Moffitt Cancer Center
12902 Magnolia Dr
Tampa, FL  33612
Tel: (813) 745-1277