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Topic: I'd like to tell you about a wonderful man

My name is Wendy Hale, 7th child born to Timothy & Bonnie Doyle of Bakersfield,CA. My parents were married 36 wonderful years, until this horrible cancer stole my Daddy away one sad day in June of 2007. Always a proud, strong and funny man- he stayed brave until the end. He was diagnosed January 1st 2007. Six months is what they gave him, and well he was right on target like always. He was so special and meant the world to many people that even his job, Pepsi Co.--had his delivery truck, all employees in uniform and 500+ people in attendance to his funeral. When he first learned of his cancer he decided to spend part of his retirement and take 35 people (brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, granddaughters, daughters, sons and his beautiful wife for one week to Topsail Island, NC for one last time together. It was so wonderful to see my Daddy in the one of the places he loved, one last time. One of the many great memories he left, was when he walked me down the aisle, just one day after leaving the hospital. Even though he is no longer with us, I will never stop looking for a cure, an end, an answer to why. Why did this selfish disease take such an honorable son, brother, uncle, grandpa, father and husband? Why did this unresearched cancer steal the most important man to me, hell to this world!  I could type for hours upon hours about this incredible human being but words will never do justice for a man of his caliber.

Timothy Desmond Doyle   July 29th, 1950 - June 09, 2007


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Oh my gosh, I can tell how much you loved your daddy. He sounds like he was a wonderful man. It brought tears to my eyes. I am soooooo glad he got to walk you down the aisle. I will join you in your fight for all the unanswered questions that we all have about this horrible cancer.

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Dear Wendy,
A beautiful tribute to your loving dad, I cried as I read it. I feel the same as you do, hurting and asking why someone so wonderful and in the prime of life could be taken away - just like that, so quickly. My mother and your father are hopefully watching over us and wishing they could take our pain away.

Hugs and sympathy,


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Wendy... Daddy's will always be there for their little girls, either in body or in spirit.  I'm so glad you got your wish of him walking you down the aisle.  Your heart will carry his memories for eternity.
God Bless,
Jeff G.

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