Topic: Green Tea for cancer?

People keep telling me to drink green tea.

Is there something about green tea that could help us? If you drink green tea where do you get it?

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Re: Green Tea for cancer?

I get my green tea from Kroger's, they do have an organic like section in their stores.  I usually buy 'Yogi's' or I think it is "Healthy Source" or something like that.  It is usually about $ 4 for a box, I watch for sales, have gotten it as low as $ 2.98 a box.  Also Trader Joe's, and World Foods are going to have more of a selection of suppliers, you can go more expensive or cheaper, I kind of went middle of the road.

I do not drink any coffee anymore, only green tea, but honestly anymore they say you have to drink many cups per day for it to actually do any good.  They now sell a capsule that is much more concentrated and powerful ( I guess ) I get my vitamins online mostly at  .  They usually ship the same day, I like the quality of product and right now the shipping is free.  They have the green tea extract there, just type that into the search engine.

Hope that helps,  Grover

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Thanks Grover! I will check out my Kroger. I will say, I can't put down my coffee or caffeine free Dr. Pepper....bad I know. wink

~Tiffany~ Fighting CC since 10-27-2011
Wife to Brian; Mommy to Carter (11) and Madison (8)
Liver transplant 7-9-2013

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Re: Green Tea for cancer?

That's Ok tiff.  in Aug of 09 I read a "Cleanse" book on changing your diet and clean out your body to allow it to heal it's self the way it is made.  At that point I quit coffee completely, have only drunk about 8 cans of coke in that amount of time, was eating organic cereal, trying to do the best I could.

Then this.  On June the 20th of '11 my family doctor told me I had liver cancer, and in the past I had shown him the "Cleanse" book to get his reaction.  I reminded him of the book and told him to forget it, to find someone to get me a bowl of "sugar frosted flakes "  True story, right on the exam table with my wife and daughter in the room.  So I have kept my humor and attitude thru out this ordeal.

Tomorrow, I am with Candrews for CT Scan ( we got the 2 for 1 price ) and results on Friday.  I'm expecting good news, but sadly this is a roller coaster and nobody knows.

Still no coffee or caffeinated beverage, but I eat anything else.  One night after chemo, my wife and I stopped and had Hot buffalo wings.   lol............

Good luck with your battle, the chemo is shrinking my tumors, at least at the last CT scan in Nov.

Prayers to you and all others, Grover

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That is funny!  I also did the "cleanse" right before I got diagnosed.  Apparently my body was dependent on all the "bad" things that are not permitted in the cleanse.
I've also gone out for hot wings after chemo.  smile

I've drank green tea intermittently throughout my adult life and it didn't appear to ward off any cancer.  My oncologist recommends avoiding high doses of antioxidants while you're getting active treatment.  Her reasoning is they are trying to kill cells and I would be trying to protect them with antioxidants.  I don't think a cup a day would make much of a difference.  It may just be worth mentioning to your Dr.

I stopped drinking soda about 7 years ago.  I used to really like Coke.  I'm wondering if I should start drinking it again.  After all, if it can remove rust from a car maybe it can remove some cancer?  Lol.

Take care!


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OMG! You guys are 2 hoots! I am a Diet Coke addict. And spicy food! I will take chips and hot salsa over chocolate AND I WAS RAISED IN A CANDY STORE!
My own personal belief is that nothing has really been proven about anything and I think everyone should just do what makes them comfortable. I know I can be very stubborn (who me?) but at almost 72 years young, having had a rare cancer myself, diabetes II and  high Triglycerides I feel what the hey for another dozen years? I am not going to deprive myself of my favorites every now and then. OK more now then, then.  I earned them! By the way the biopsy on my thyroid nodule last week was  B9, that's benign!


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Great news, Lainy!!!

Re: Green Tea for cancer?


So happy to hear the word benign. We don't hear that enough around here. The thing that makes Lauren feel the best after chemo is chicken fingers. Go figure.

Grover and Cindy- praying for big time shrinkage for both of you!!

Love, -Pam

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I, too, started eating "healthy" about 2 years before I was diagnosed. I didn't completely go organic or anything, but I cut out everything I love. Ice cream, chocolate (mostly... snuck a candy bar occasionally), cookies, soda, caffeine, fried food and beef for the most part. I never drank coffee. Have been drinking green tea for 7 or 8 years.
Then I was diagnosed.
My one onc said I had lost so much weight right before and after my first surgery that I could eat whatever I wanted. So I ate ice cream whenever the neuropathy wore off and started eating chocolate and wings again. I still mostly steer clear of the soda and fried food except for the wings but I allow myself to eat badly again. I figure what the heck? Depriving myself and being "healthy" didn't help, so I let myself be "bad" now.
And Lainy: congratulations! I'm so happy to hear that you got to hear B9!!!

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Re: Green Tea for cancer?

An article by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, the author of the best-selling AntiCancer book.

How much green tea does it take for an anti-cancer effect? … ffect.html

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Thanks, Eli, for posting this.  It does get confusing about diets, but I look at someone like Kris Karr who is 9 years (maybe 10 now?) from a very pessimistic diagnosis who totally changed her diet and promotes dietary changes.  There are a number of articles/books out there discussing the impact of our modern diet on health.  It's hard to know what to do! 

There has been a lot lately, actually, on coffee (in moderation) actually being good for you!

The book, "Fighting Cancer One Bite at a Time" and it's follow-up also talk about building up the immune system through diet....

So, what to do?????


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Tiff, did you find some green tea, are you happy?  Obviously nothing is going to happen overnight.  Just following up.

mb you are on your way to md anderson.


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Just seen this! LOL
No, I didn't. I just can't quit the Dr. Pepper. =/ I wonder if they make green tea K-Cups?

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