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Hi everyone:
I went to a seminar tonight on "Cancer Conversations". It was at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA. The speaker was John Kaplan, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer. He has a feature length film called "Not As I Pictured: A Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer's Journey Through Lymphoma". He is in remission from non-Hogkins Lymphoma and another rare form of Lymphoma. It was very touching. About his family, fears and enjoying life and making memories. And fighting. It was a video blog about his fight and his life during that time. I highly recommend it, especially for those of us who sometimes falter. It was well done and funny at times (also sad at times). I wish I had seen it 6 months ago.
The film is, according to him, free to patients or caregivers. So is shipping. Go to I am going to order it for myself and send the link to family members who I think will appreciate it. There's another link at

For those in the Philadelphia, PA area, I will be attending the cancer conversations, when possible. I would love to see one about rare cancers (hard to think they might do one on cc) or at least gastro cancers. And as long as they don't fall during my surgery and recovery time, I'll be there.


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Thanks for that, Kris, sounds very interesting  and I am glad you got to go. I have heard of him. My daughter's boyfriend has Lymphoma and has been in remission for 2 years now. I am proud of her as she is now involved on a Lymphoma site doing what I do. I'm going to tell her about this for the site she is on.  Hope you are doing good!!!


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Thank you so much for posting this, Kris.  I've ordered a copy and sent the information to two others.


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Just ordered the film myself, thanks for the link!!


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