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Well,  1 year has gone by...strange...weird...crazy...but I am so BLESSED!   I have Stage IV with mets to the liver, humerus, spots on my hips & spine and finished up 8 months of straight chemo.  (GTX) this fall.  I've been off for 4 glorious months!    I've lost most of my hair and it came back.  Now I sport a sassy, short style!   I had time in the hospital to search for my tumors & diagnosis (yuck!)   I've had several surgeries (to remove the mets to the humerus, to get a mediport)  and I've had radiation to my arm.    I turned 40.  I got a new car.  (It is sassy, too!)  I walked in the Livestrong Challenge.  Lots and lots of blood draws, waiting, wondering, praying, laughing, being uncertain; but most importantly, LIVING.    My ortho oncologist thinks I should be "restaged"  (you can do that??!!)  My medical oncologist says I am amazing.  And I don't really feel amazing...just normal with this weird second life.   I work full-time in a stressful, busy job...although I did take a leave for three months when I was first diagnosed and started chemo.    I am a brownie leader for my kid's troop.  I do whatever, whenever to have a so called "normal" life. 

So, what will my next year bring?   I know it will continue to bring me time with my family, new adventures and I hope, a continued shrinking CC tumor!   

My doctor has basically told me that for me, I am going to live with my CC like a chronic disease.  If it isn't growing and spreading, then we'll just leave it alone.  When it "acts up" we'll zap it with some high dose chemo.   Hey, I can do that for another 40 years.   Forget that...I am doing it for another 60 years.     So, here's to my first of many, many anniversary posts to come.   : )   You all can do it, too!  Come along with me on my long ol' trip to a cure!

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Good for you! You're an inspiration to us all, and may you continue to enjoy your good health and your zest for life!

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You have me smiling Lainy. What we can all learn from you would take up volumes! I was a brownie leader as a university student and I can tell you that 12 girls at one time sucks more life out of you than most things!! And to think you did this on top of a job and dueling with cc?!?!?! Well, heres a toast to you (alcoholic of course since it is only virtual!) and to cc as a choronic disease!

Let the good times roll!


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High Five Lainey!!!!!!! I needed that pep talk today! Going to talk with my doc tomorrow about the same approach.  If it is not moving leave it alone if it is zap it with chemo or radiation seems to work for me.  I'll ride along for a while, you bet ya!
Take Care!
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