Topic: Effects of radiation/chemo

Mom's had 5 radiation treatments (IMRT) and one dose of gemzar this past week. Already having nausea, some abdominal pain. Seems like zofran and ativan combo working better to decrease nausea. Anyone else going thru chemo and radiation combo having issues/symptoms? What's working for you to control side effects.


Re: Effects of radiation/chemo

the most recent guideline tha t comes from ASCO for prevention and management of treatment-related nausea and vomiting associated with chemo and/or radiation is the use of  PALONOSETRON (ALOXI)  as the preferred agent for  taking moderately emetic chemotherapy.
and specific recommendations for multiday chemotherapy regimens.
I will update the info later, or you can look for "suggestions for treatment of nausea/vomiting" under the experience forum for adverse reaction and side effects
God bless.

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