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Hi everyone, thank you for letting me post here.  I've been lurking for a couple of weeks.  just upfront, i tend not to capitalize when i post online - please bear with my laziness  big_smile

Dad (62) was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic adenoCA (mets to liver, lung) 11/16/11.  he was seen by dr. javle within 2 weeks of diagnosis and started on chemo.  he's just completed cycle 4 of FOLFIRINOX and has done amazingly well.

when i say amazing, i mean it.  his recent scan shows shrinkage or stability of all lung mets/mediastinal nodes, shrinkage of all liver tumors and clearing of nodes, and disappearance (!!!!!) of the rather large pancreatic tumor.  the tumor is gone.  dr. javle said he'd never seen anything like this, and that he'd had the radiologist read it multiple times.  his official diagnosis is now listed as CCA.  so here we are.....

he met with dr. vauthey this morning.  at this time, he's got too much liver involvement for surgery to be an option, but they aren't discounting it for down the road if he continues to respond like a champ to chemo.  they don't plan to alter his chemo regimen at all, even though this protocol isn't traditionally used for CCA.  i'm actually upset that they were put through a surgical consult, knowing how much of the liver is involved, but i guess they are covering all their bases. 

i'm a medical speech pathologist who has worked with a LOT of people with cancer and my husband is a physician, so we're very comfortable throwing around words like FOLFIRINOX and ANC and metastasis and whathaveyou.  what i'm NOT comfortable with is that my dad has cancer.  i'm more comfortable with his odds now than i was when the diagnosis was pancreatic primary, but still.  it's so much harder when it's my dad as opposed to a patient i like. 

sigh.  i am happy to have found y'all.  sorry to have, but glad.  you get it.....

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Welcome,  Mydadrocks, to our extraordinary family and congratulations on moving up from being a lurker!
It sounds like your Dad is another Miracle and as you know he couldn't be in better hands! Dr.Javle is one of our heroes!  Please don't be upset about the protocol as better safe than sorry. We try to stay realistically optimistic and our best weapon is knowledge. BTW we do have uite a few CCers who were told in the beginning  that they were not surgical candidates and have moved on to a successful outcome. Be strong and please keep us posted on your Dad's progress!


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Hi Mydad rocks,

Welcome to the site. Sorry that you had to find us all but glad that you have joined us as you have come to the best place for support, and I know that you will get a ton of that from everyone here. Glad to that you made the jump from lurker to poster, and no problems with your laziness, we get what you're saying!

Thanks for sharing your Dads story with us all. Wow! That sure is a great response to his treatment that he has made so far and like Lainy says, he is in  very good hands with Dr Javle. I hope that your Dad continues to repsond to his chemo like a champ, and please keep us updated on how he gets on with this. And please know that we are all here for you and know what you are going through right now.

My best wishes to you and your Dad,


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Mydadrocks-Welcome and like Lainy said "sorry you had to find us"!
The key to CC is finding the best and most knowledgable doctors and Dr. Javle is right up there ,I am sure you will here from his patients soon.
I am a CC survivor!! I will be cancer free 3 years this may. I was diagnosed with "inoperable and 6-8 months to live"! I am alive because of God, 2 strangers and the most amazing doctor-Dr. William Chapman at Barnes-Jewish Hospsital in St. Louis MO. Please read and share my story with your dad, at under christmas miracle (or FB page Catherine Sims Dunnagan-it has 2 Dr. Chapman success stories on it). There is HOPE!!! 
I am sure you will be hearing from several more members of our family, who have beat there diagnois and are proof there is HOPE!!
Lots of prayers-Cathy