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My wife got a call from a former co-worker. They haven't been in touch for a few years. The guy called out of a blue. He sounded like didn't know anything about my wife's illness. When she told him, he seemed to have a normal reaction. Loss of words, expression of sympathy, etc. The guy had a health story of his own to tell. Two surgeries for unspecified condition, abdominal drain tube, and a few more vague tidbits.

That was a couple of days ago.

He called again today. Told my wife that he was very worried about her. Wanted to meet and talk. My wife declined. She is in the middle of chemo and her blood counts are all over the place. She didn't want to go out and risk an infection.

Then he dropped a bomb.

He said that two surgeries left him in considerable pain. That doctors refuse to treat him. He didn't explain why. He said that he couldn't bear his pain any more. He asked my wife for a favor. Approach our oncologist, complain about pain and get a prescription for... guess what... OXYCONTIN.

My wife was caught off guard, but she had the presence of mind to tell him that his request was completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, she didn't hang up on him.

My wife and I talked about this at length. I explained what oxycontin is and how it is subject to a wide-spread abuse (she didn't know). I said I was 99% sure that he was an addict. She promised that she will cut him loose if he ever calls again.

I have two other options:

1. I have his email and phone number. I can approach him myself and tell him in no uncertain terms not to contact my wife ever again.

2. I can report him to police.

What say you?

I'm seething with anger that he tried to take advantage of my wife, a cancer patient. What kind of rotten person would do such a thing?

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Eli, talk about unwanted and not needed drama!!! My own personal opinion is that he did not commit a crime, and while I understand how you feel used, you really don't have the proof that he is indeed a criminal. My first instinct was to write an email that if he contacts her again you will call the police. But I am having second  thoughts. I wouldn't mess with a druggie as your wife doesn't need the extra stress. One day it will all catch up to him and he will get his! What really gets to me is that we have all these wonderful people fighting to do anything to live and then some jerk who doesn't value life at all!


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Yes Lainy, you are right. Wise words. I won't mess with a druggie. Hopefully he got the message that my wife won't get him his fix. If we are lucky, we won't hear from him again.

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Eli, you are your wife's Knight in Shining Armour! I would say he will be lucky if you don't hear from him again!


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Unbelievable!! The sad part is can you imagine being that addicted you would "fleece" a cancer patient! He is sicker than all of us, he definetly needs our prayers. I have/had a medicine cabinet full of oxyctin, didlated,
percoset, morphine.... and Cates would always chuckle and say "We can make bank with all these"!! Cute but so sad and true!
Lots of prayers for you both-Cathy

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Hi Eli,

I can't believe that this guy had the nerve to even ask your wife to do something like this.  He would have to be addicted to stoop so low.  But, they say that addicts will do anything to get their fix.  How sad!  I hope your wife is feeling better and her counts are getting under control.  My husband's counts would drop so low that he would have to get a shot before he could have his next treatment.  Sending lots of well wishes your way,  PeggyP

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That is a shame.  I hope that man gets help.  I don't know what advice to give you, but I would be very, very leery of that man and if he ever bothers your wife again I would definitely take action.

Best wishes,