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I decided to post this in the Good news section, because to me it is good news. I´m not cured, will probably never be resectable but two years after my diagnosis of advanced cholangiocarcinoma I´m still in good health - as good as ever.

My story started April 1st 2010 with one really big tumor and 10-15 small ones all intrahepatic. Unresectable incurable.

I went on with 14 cycles of Gemox, continued with Gemzar+Xeloda, and finally GemCis until december 2011. During this time I also did 5 chemoembolizations. The treatment had good effect and tumors shrinked and some disappeared.
MRI in dec -11 showed that only two tumors had circulation. I then decided to take a break - I felt mentally tired. My doctor thought it was a good idea.

2,5 months chemobreak and  A BIT nervous to get the results from the MRI done in 02/28. Got it on tuesday.
My right lobe is very atrofied and a couple of tumors there are now showing signs o life, bloodcirculaion and slightly bigger. The tumors in my big left lobe are still without circulation, some are smaller. No new spread.
This is GOOD!! I don´t need to start chemo at this point, my doc sees no reason for treating my whole body. Going to do my 6th chemoembo within a month.
Of course I hoped for aN MRI showing no life in those little bastards, but htis is second best!

I´m celebrating the 2-year survival with working fulltime again! This is totally amazing!!!! I´m going to run the Gothenburg halfmarathon again in May, and Stockholm Marathon in June.
I have a wonderful life, and so many wonderful things has happened to me these two years.
The past months I have been interviewed in severel healthmagazines here in Sweden (can you imagine!!!???) I´ve been in a radioshow about this Anticancer-approach, and this monday on TV! 
I hope I can give someone some hope, of not giving up even though you get the toughest verdict. There are hope!

I suppose you don´t understand Swedish wink but here´s my minutes of fame in TV smile … ade_ge_upp

Bless you all!!


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A STAR IS BORN! Maria, Maria, Maria! I have tears, not because you have CC but what you are inside and out! What proof that what illness one has, does not define them! What proof that HOPE  & ATTITUDE are the best RX. How I wish we could get this translated and put it on You Tube and Our CC Facebook. Maria, you are AWESOME! Much love to you!

Teddy ~In our hearts forever~ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING
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You are giving me hope, Maria!  Thanks for sharing your good news!


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Wonderful, wonderful, news, Maria.  You are such an inspiration to us all.  I agree with Lainy, this should be on u-tube.  Swedish or not, the pictures speak a thousand words.
Thanks for sharing.


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Fabulous news Maria!  You are a star inside and out.  Keep the good news coming.

Just watched your video!  You are the picture of health!!  So hard to believe that inside you are fighting this disease.  I don't know Swedish but I got the gist of the video.

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Dear Maria,

You are truly an inspiration. You put healthy people that don't even have CC to shame. What an awesome person you are. We just ordered an exercise bike to help all of us get in shape. I will picture you in my head as I pedal away, hoping one day to be as fit as you!! Take care and keep living the good life!

Love, -Pam

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THANK YOU smile a thousand kisses to all of you for support and kind words!! Toghether we can achieve anything, with hope and love <3

No matter whether you think that you can, or that you can´t, you´re right
//Henry Ford