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I want to share my good news story! 26 months since my extrahepatic cc resection at Mayo, my blood work is great and my MRI shows "no definite return of cc." Yay!  I do have "stable prominent lymphadenopathy" which is perplexing to my surgeon and oncologist, but had a benign biopsy 5 months ago so the doctors aren't too concerned. Also have "probable infectious/inflammatory biliary thickening and enhancement". I felt better before I read the radiologist's report, but am happy I don't need to be seen for 6 months. Question: I had a hernia repair with ventral abdominal mesh repair. Have any of you heard of mesh causing lymphadenopathy? A good friend of mine who is an internal medicine physician said she had read some studies stating the mesh can cause enlarged lymph nodes.  Also, do any of you have IPMN's in the pancreas, because I have those too.
I feel very fortunate! Bless all of you who are dealing with this awful cancer!

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Congratulations Dianne!

26 months is a great milestone to reach with this cancer.  I don't know anything about the other questions you have but I wanted to respond with a hearty "way to go!!" on your good scan.


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Great news Dianne, accept it with happy, happy thoughts. Teddy had a mesh repair as you did but it never caused any problems. I am still elated over your CC news, keep it up, girl!


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Great news, Dianne.  I am very happy for you.  It is always nice and reassuring to hear someone has great scans and no recurrances. Good job!!


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Fabulous news Diane, I have a hernia so I will be interested in hearing the comments about the mesh..I would love to have mine fixed but starting chemo on Tuesday instead.   Congrats !

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Hi Dianne,

Great news about your scans and here's to many more years of hearing good news.  Hugs,  PeggyP

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Great news Dianne-hoping to keep hearing the parallel good news from you. Let's hope that many others can join you, Randi and my dad.
Kate x

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Congratulations Dianne!  This is great news!


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Hi, DianeN.
Our body is unique in the sense that any foreign objects invaded our body can initiate immune responses to that invasion object and I am not surprise this will happen.
You said you have "probable infectious/inflammatory biliary thickening and enhancement".Did the doctors suggested anything (medication,diet,other procedure etc) to follow?

the following link may be of value to you about IPMN.(intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms)

God bless.

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Thanks to you all for your congratulations!  I do feel very fortunate....but at the same time feel terrible for others who are having such difficult times.  Thanks PCL1029 for your insight and also the link to IPMNs which I read. My doctors don't seem too concerned about them even though to me they sound ominous.  And no, the doctors didn't suggest anything for the probable infectious/inflammatory biliary fact I wouldn't have even known about it if I hadn't asked for a copy of the radiologist report which I read after leaving the office.   
Off to enjoy the beautiful evening!