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I haven't posted in a while but wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. For the "believers", I wanted to share with you all, my "dream" last night. First, I'll fill you in on what has been happening lately. As you know, my soulmate (husband of 34 years) Herb passed away June 25, 2011, at the age of 60 after a 17 month battle with Klatskins C.C. Times have been a bit tough occasionally but thanks to the fact that our family (2 daughters and 1 son and 2 grandchildren)are extremely close, when any one of us have a hard day the others "step in"! Before Herb passed, he asked me to take my mother (they were very close) to Hawaii for her next birthday (somewhere she has been wanting to visit for a number of years). Long story short, my sister, my mother and I went to Waikiki for 12 days in March. Perhaps it was too soon, perhaps it was missing the children, I'm not sure but although the trip was pleasant, I must admit to not feeling the "joy" that Herb and I always experienced in new places, something was missing! Since we returned, I have been a bit down, wondering if I will ever feel the "joy" again. Don't get me wrong, I smile, I laugh, my grandchildren make me feel happy..even joyful..just a different happy. Last night, I fell asleep and about 3 hours later (I was asleep)in my "dream" I felt an actual presence (the mattress went down). I was on my side, and I asked who was there. Herb responded:"its just me" and I felt him hold me close. I actually said.."Herb, how is this possible, you're gone?" I took his face in my hands and felt the stubble, he looked me in the eyes and said "we'll talk about that later and he kissed me.I can even describe what he was outfit I used to tease him about when we were young! I woke up then, with a smile on my face, and the absolute knowledge that he will always be there for me. Maybe it was a dream...maybe it was a visit. All I know is that I looked at the world a bit differently today, the sun was a bit warmer, the colors a bit brighter. Spring, the season of rebirth and renewal and perhaps the return of "joy". I wish "visits" for all those that have lost someone and hope for all those fighting the battle. God Bless you all and enjoy the Spring. 

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Nice to hear from you Cheryl. I understand your sentiments! I am going to Hawaii for 8 days with some friends next week and I have mixed feelings. I hope I can enjoy myself.  So glad you had a beautiful visit from Herb. One day we will have to get together. I am planning a trip to Calgary in the summer, maybe we can meet up. Hugs. Nancy

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Cheryl, YES, I believe! Same thing happened to me a couple of times. I thought I was dreaming, I was laying inside Teddy's right arm and it was so peaceful for what seemed like hours. I asked him how it was in Heaven and he said it was so beautiful. Another time I felt the bed sink on his side and when I looked over I saw a puff of grey float up and disappear. I have a Log (diary) on the computer of the many times I have felt Teddy around me. At least 50 now in a year and 3 months and when I feel lonely I just read it and I know he is all around me. He likes to come through a high ceiling light in the kitchen and wink at me. I actually talk to the light and it winks back. Not all the time but here and there. Tonight my family is coming over for our last Holiday meal in this house (I am moving) and I am leaving that light on to see if he joins us. oH, YES, I sure do believe! Look for Herb through Music, found pennies and dimes, a few seconds of an icy cold feeling running through you. You will feel him alll around you! Good to see you Cheryl!