Topic: Easter Greetings from the UK!

Dear CC Family

On this Easter Sunday we send greetings and best wishes from the UK to all our CC family across the world!

Easter is a time for hope and renewal - we continue to hope that research will bring us the answers that are so badly needed, and we renew our resolve to do everything possible to support that research ...

With love and positive thoughts for everyone.

Helen xx

Re: Easter Greetings from the UK!

The renewal of Hope and Optimism; a truly wonderful message.

Thank you, Helen.  Happy Easter to you and yours. XX

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Re: Easter Greetings from the UK!

Thanks Helen.

And a Happy Easter to you as well!



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Re: Easter Greetings from the UK!

Thank you Helen.

Sending love and best wishes to all our friends in the UK. God bless you for all you do to raise awareness.


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Re: Easter Greetings from the UK!

Happy Easter Helen, from Canada! Hugs. Nancy

Loving my husband from afar.