Topic: Starting Palliative Care

So my dad went into the hospital again on Monday because of diarrhea and not eating because of the mouth sores. Met with palliative team yesterday and will be starting that once he is released...

I was really irritated with the Family Physician who sat in the meeting, because that's who is on-call, as I felt he was encouraging me to talk to my dad about stopping chemo -- as if to convince him to stop... and I feel that is up to my dad to call the shots, as he is still the one who is in control. Just frustrated and wanted to post because I have felt the support of the CC family.

Still trying to stay hopeful and keeping fingers crossed that today is better.


Re: Starting Palliative Care

You are so right, Lourdes, it is Dad's decision. He will make the right decision for him. Even though Teddy had said all along he wanted quality over quantity it still took him 3 days to think it all over when the time came. He made the right decision.

Teddy ~In our hearts forever~ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING
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