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My son is having trouble taking Reglan. His side affects include harsh pain,
weakness and difficulty walking.  Any ideas, should he ask his doctor to change dose?  There is another drug that is not available in the US called Donperudone
(sp) that is available in Canada.  Has anyone heard of it and know about its effectiveness?

Thank you.

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I'm in Canada. My wife took Domperidone for a few weeks after her Whipple surgery, to help with a problem called "delayed stomach emptying". It's a common issue after Whipple. She still occasionally needs Domperidone, when she feels like her stomach is "filled with stones" (her words).

My understanding is that Domperidone can also be used for nausea. Our doctors never told us to use Domperidone for that purpose.

For chemo-induced nausea, my wife took Zofran and Stemetil (Compazine). Zofran twice a day as the main anti-nausea medication. Stemetil (Compazine) in between Zofran on as needed basis, to deal with break-through nausea.


My question to you is, why was Reglan prescribed to your son? Is it for nausea?

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Reglan was prescribed because like your wife is experiencing delayed gastric emptying.  This has caused him to lose weight.   Reglan crosses the blood brain barrier and that is why he's experiencing all these side effects.  Does donperidon cause the same effects?

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My wife had the surgery in July 2011. She took Domperidone for a few weeks after the surgery. So it's been a while since she took it on a daily basis. We can't recall any issues or side effects.

Domperidone side effects

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Thanks for the information.  Did your wife lose weight after the operation?

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Oh yes. She lost weight while she was stented in the weeks before Whipple. She lost more weight while she was recovering from Whipple. She lost yet more weight during chemo-radiation. Her normal weight before diagnosis was around 130 pounds. By the end of chemo-radiation, her weight dipped below 105 pounds. She has since regained some of it back. She currently weighs around 110-112 pounds.