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I lost my father last year in September just 7 days before his 48th birthday!!!
he had prolonged jaundice for about in a year,we came to knw of the tumor only in july and he was immediately hospitalized but we didnt knew whether it was cancerous or not  ,his doctor treated him only for jaundice for an year and we got a scan done only after a second opinion.
so after 2 months of hospitalization his bilrubin level came down so that the doctors could a perform surgery for a biopsy,the surgery went very well and abt 30% of his liver was damaged and removed.after the surgery i saw his removed liver.he was on life support for 5 days then slowly his organs began to fail,this was also the third time he got septicemia,first two time being when tubes were inserted to lower hi bilrubin levels,so on the 5th day he had a cardiac attack and he left us,he also had internal bleeding and his swelled up he was not at all recognizable his face also lost colour and was all dark.i had never thought before that it would have been so serious and i would lose my father. the day he died was my first day at the college and before his surgery i was seeing him after a month coz he was away for the that he has gone i feel that i should have been serious about him and should have spent more time with him

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Dear Arujain28,

You have my sympathy and understanding.  I am so sorry you have lost your father to this disease.   This disease is so unpredicitable and sometimes just sneeks up on us before we even know what the heck is going on.   Please do not feel badly for how things went.  You did the best you could with the situation as you understood it.  It sounds to me like you loved and cared very much about your father and I am sure he knew that, too.  Try not to dwell on what might have been.  Remember him as he was before CC.  Keep those memories alive and he will always be with in in your heart and memories.

Please feel free to come here often to share your feelings.  Many of us have had similar experiences and know and understand.  Take care.

Love & Hugs,

"One Day At A Time"

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Well said Darla!
Welcome arujain28.  So sorry about your father.  I am sure others will reply to this post soon with their support as well.

Try to remember the happy times you had with your Dad.

Survivor of cholangiocarcinoma (2009), thyroid cancer (1999), and breast cancer (1994).

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thank you for your wonderful reply
i wanted to knw is the cc commen to non alcoholic and non smokers?
coz my dad never touched either of these
i hav read abt the causes and they dnt say alcohol and smokes bt u knw how everything bad to liver is considered with alcohol

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My sincere condolences on the loss of your father.

Please don't be hard on yourself about not seeing him more. Firstly, this disease can take hold so fast and send someone spiralling into ill-health before you've had time to process anything. Secondly, guilt is a very common part of grief, especially when it comes to the loss of a parent. I lost my Dad 10 years ago and I was full of guilt for a long time. Same when my brother died a couple of years back. I don't know why but you just feel guilty no matter what the circumstances of the death.

My husband passed away in January of CC. He was the same age as your dad - just 47. I have 2 sons and a daughter. They all miss their Dad dreadfully, just like you miss yours. It's very difficult. I'm sorry.

As regards your question re: alcohol and cigarettes, my husband never drank alcohol his whole life and never smoked even one cigarette. Yes, alcohol abuse causes liver damage and disease but it's got nothing at all to do with this particular disease, bile duct cancer. I do agree that it's a tragic irony that someone who never drank would die from a liver-related disease but like I say, alcohol is not a contributing factor.

Look after yourself.

Deb x

"The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares." [Henri Nouwen]

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yes, nonalcoholic and nonsmoker can have this disease too. I am one of them;
but it is not common.
My risk factor is I am a chronic hepatitis B carrier since most the patients in the Far East region.
My sister-in-law died of the same disease because of obesity.( it is a very common problem occurring in  the States now especially the young teen age group and the middle age group ).
Alcohol and smoking is the risk factors among others for this disease; but in Asia,especially the Far East like  from Thialand to Japan , the entire coastal region,liver and cholangiocarcinoma(a form of live cancer in the past) are common;so is India and midddle east like Egypt and Iran and Israel.

The liver is the one of the large organ( SKIN is the largest organ in human beings);anything goes thru the liver for processing(ie: medications and the food and drink we consumed)each  has the possibility to affect the liver and cause problems.alcohol is being one of the "drug" that affected the liver the most.I think one or two drinks a week is ok,but long term excessive  use will cause liver cirrhosis.
i hope the info helps
God bless.

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Most patients (90%) do not have identifiable risk factors for this cancer however; it is believed that certain diseases or exposures may increase the probability of contracting cholangiocarcinoma.
This includes:
the chemical Thorotrast (thorium dioxide) which had been used in medical imaging,
Infection with the parastic liver flukes (Opisthorchis Viverrini or Clonorchis sinensis)
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
Ulcerative Colitis,
Congenital liver malformations, 
Choledochal cysts,
And, as Percy has mentioned: Viral Hepatitis (e.g. Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C)



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Hi Arujain,

Welcome to the site. I am sorry to hear about your dad, please accept my condolences. I know the pain that you are feeling as I too lost my dad to this disease. But please, do not beat yourself up about anything. I can understand what you are thinking and I am sure that you did what you could for your dad and I know how much that will have meant to him. But, we can only do so much and we can only do our best for our loved ones. You did what you could and you did your best, please don't think otherwise.

We know how you feel right now and we so know what you are going through as well. It's so tough to deal with I know. But please know that we are all here for you and will help as best we can. Keep coming back here as much as you feel that you want to, we care.



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Thank you all
your messages have been very helpful!!!!

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Dear Arujain, I am so very sorry about the loss of your Father. Just think of how happy and proud he was to know you were at College. Please try not to loook back but go forward with the knowledge that he loved you and he probably would have felt bad had you not gone away to school. In time these memories that upset you will fade and you will begin to remember only the happy times. And, that is the way he would want it.

Your Father, through your memories
                             Will never leave you. 
You will feel his tender care from now on
         As a warm serenity in your heart.
Hoping you always feel the encouragement
         Of his love, and hold in memory
All the happy times you spent together.


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thank you Lainy
your words mean a lot!!!