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Hi,  My name is Candee and was recently informed of my Mother's CC at Christmas time.  My Father and she indicated she had liver cancer and had 2 years to live yet.  Her oncologist has painted a much grimmer picture. First the CC diagnosis and then 3 months without chemo, 6-9 months with the chemo (Gemzar) if she tolerates it well enough.  Finding it all hard to digest.
I'm feeling very thankful to have discovered this website.

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Tiffany,  Thanks much for your input on the hospice. It was comforting.  How is everything going?

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I am not sure if you are from Burnsville, MN but if so, you may want to consider a trip to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion, if you have not been there already.  You can check Kathleen Foley's family blog for some information on the success she has had down there.

Best of luck to your mother and your family.


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Hi Bill,  I read the Foley blog and it was quite depressing to me.  Doesn't appear that they did anything at Mayo for her.  I am from Burnsville MN and have thought of a 2nd opinion for my mom, but she seems to have such faith in her oncologist's diagnosis. She is from northern MN and is seeing an oncologist in Duluth.  I see her very tired from what is going on and find it hard to think of taking her to Rochester for a 2nd opinion.  She will be 83 in April if she is still with us.  Thanks for the wish of luck and the suggestion though.  Candee