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Multiple cells of origin in cholangiocarcinoma underlie biological, epidemiological and clinical heterogeneity

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I didn't have a chance to read the entire paper. I only took a quick glance. Here's my understanding of what I read:

This paper proposes a new classification of CC subtypes, based on CC cells of origin. The cells that line up the bile ducts are not all the same. They say that CC behaves very differently depending on where exactly it started. Hopefully one day soon enough the doctors will be able to test CC patients for their specific CC subtype, to fine tune the treatments. The way they test patients with "mainstream" cancers such as breast cancer.

Re: Multiple cells of origin in cholangiocarcinoma...

Gee, Eli, I wonder if that is why from the beggining, for Teddy, after his Whipple, they said, "Chemo will never work for YOUR kind of CC?" We were told by 3 ONCS and 2 Radiologists. If so, that makes more sense now.

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