Topic: stepping gingerly onto the 'Bridge' called Hospice

Hello All:

quick update on my super mom ;-)
After getting the news last week that her  Dr. felt there was nothing more he/they could do for my mom medically, as her cancer spread to her Omentum, we got signed up with Hospice- per his recomend.
I have heard interviews with Dr. Ira Byock
and know a bit Aand like his philosphy, and i also understand that hospice is meant for more time than the last few days or weeks.... but i am still having a hard time coming to terms myself... In anycase, I will try to be as brave as my mom in the coming time period.

She just had her 2nd visit with great Hospice gal Peggy, who for now will come once a week. My sister met Peggy today and said she is very nice and easy to talk to (unlike Dr..grrrrr)
My mom has some swelling/possibley fluid build up and slight discomfort due to tumors in her stomach area.... Now that she is eating more (YAY!) there is less room in there, thus the discomfort. She also had a little bit of itchy and or tingly arms and legs.... we are thinking that is from the Chemo... nerve damage. Does this go away with time after chemo has stopped??

It is good to learn all that Hospice entails, and while i am not happy we are at this point.... i am grateful that Hospice is there and we are using it early.

Well, that is all for now, other than i am about to have way to many veggies in my garden, so if anyone in the Salt Lake City area wants some, especially when we go back east to visit ( i think my timing is off and i will be in full harvest mode when we are gone in July) .... let me know! I would love to share!


Re: stepping gingerly onto the 'Bridge' called Hospice

Dear MMKing your Mom in in good hands and that lets you have more time with her. You have made the corrrect and kind decision by letting Hospice come in early. Enjoy your time making more memories with your Mom.