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I have been reading the forum (and donated to the foundation) at times since the diagnosis of the mom of a good friend/one time relative who lost her battle last year.   Now another good friend has just been diagnosed and I'm helping with research.   Wanted to say thanks for all the good sharing here.  If anyone has any good recommendations in the NJ/NYC area or just broader recommendations besides the major centers (e.g. Mayo, Barnes), they'd be welcome.  (I have checked the Hospital and Treatment boards).

Thanks again,

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Dear Kim, thank you for your generosity and for returning to us, but wish you did not have to. We have had rave reviews for NY Presbyterian and Sloan Kettering. Also if you go to our Home page there is a listing of recommended hospitals. Can you tell us anymore about your friend's diagnosis? Your friend is lucky to have a friend like you! Look forwrd to hearing more.


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Hi Kim, Yes thank you for supporting the foundation. Although cc is still considered a rare disease it seems to be becoming more common; hence you now know your second person with this disease. I am in British Columbia so can't help in your search for centers or doctors but I am sure others will have suggestions. Wishing you and your friend all the best. Nancy

Loving my husband from afar.

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Hi Kim--

I highly recommend Sloan: Yuman Fong is my husband's surgeon, and Ghassan Abou Alfa is his onc. Also, at Columbia Pres there is a very very well regarded surgeon named Dr Kato and a GREAT onc named Abby Seigel (we went to her for a second opinion and were really impressed.)


Re: not quite new, but introducing anyway

Hi Kim,

Welcome to the site and my thanks to you for your donations to the foundation also. They are very much appreciated indeed. I am sorry too to hear about your friends mum and also your friend who was recently diagnosed with CC. You and your family have been touched by this disease far too much.

I am in Scotland so I can't help you personally with reccomendations in the NJ/NYC area, but I am sure that others will be along soon that will be of great help to you. My thanks to you once again and I look forward to hearing from you more.

Brst wishes,


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