Topic: Out of the hospital!!

Wow, what a crazy few days.
We went to the ER Friday night with pain in my belly. The sent me home after a few test and getting the pain under control. With in a few hours I had to go back. My fever went from 98.5 to 101.1 in just 10 minutes.
I was in the hospital for 3 nights. Ended up just being a sinus infection. My number look good. I had to get two units of blood to get them where they needed to be.
Glad to be home and feeling GREAT!!!

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Re: Out of the hospital!!

AW, come on Tiff, ain't it enough to have CC without going to the Hospital for a sinus infection? I mean really! LOL  Glad you are feeling better and that's all it was.

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Re: Out of the hospital!!

Hi Tiff,

Really glad to hear that you are now home and are feeling great! Great news!!



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