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Are there ever any major fundraisers to dedicate funds to cholangiocarcinoma research?  I'd love to know how others raise awareness, or raise money for research.  I just haven't found much on the internet and am new to this forum.

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rjoday - The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation provides this website, and is actively working on raising awareness of the cancer, as well as getting research dollars directed to cholangiocarcinoma research.  The Foundation greatly appreciates any assistance with reaching these goals. 

The approach the Foundation is taking in these early days is that research requires a large amount of cash - much more than the Foundation can currently raise.  Therefore, the Foundation has elected to expend the resources it currently has to try to influence the largest single source of cancer research money in the US - the NCI - to direct more of the money to cholangiocarcinoma research.  The Foundation is also expending resources in building up a valuable network among the top cholangiocarcinoma opinion leaders, industry, and government.  The Foundation has been making some serious headway in a very short time, and I think much of the success can be attributed to the work Stacie and Rick continually do behind the scenes. 

If anyone thinks they would like to donate, there is a button at the top of the site for donations.  Additionally, if you contact Stacie, she can provide a wealth of materials for hosting your own fundraiser.

I hope this helps.

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rjoday---- Just to echo Sara concerning fund raisers.  There are many ways to do this.  One example is here in Kansas;  the Breast Cancer foundation has coordinated individual donations of materials, land, and free labor required to build a nice home to be sold with all proceeds going to breast cancer research.  An excellent idea.  The local city government I believe is going to exempt taxes and permit fees until sold.  This can be done almost anywhere.  Depending on location of donated land, you would be looking at a sizable donation anywhere from 2-3 hundred thousand dollars. Just one of many fundraisers going on.  You are correct about fundraisers few and far between for specifically Cholangiocarcinoma.  I think Cholangiocarcinoma. Org.  being in the early stages of buiding this organization are right on track.  Sara, maybe Stacie could list a few ideas that we as individuals could  investigate the feasibility and maybe embark upon.  Also maybe do/don'ts and liable points of interest/the legal way I guess is what I'm trying to say.
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Thanks so much.
Stacie, any ideas?  Is there a standard way we should do this?  My sister and I are runners, so a run seems like the first idea that came into our heads.  Any other fundraising ideas seem appreciated.  Simple awareness would be good too right?  (Just spreading the word to donate to this website.)