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Dear friends,
It's with a heavy broken heart that I post this. We lost another great person to CC today.
Most of you know Kim from Facebook, and her radio show Let's Talk Cancer. Kim had a passion for helping others. She will leave behind two teenage daughters.
Please remember her family and friends in your prayers.
Love you Kim.

~Tiffany~ Fighting CC since 10-27-2011
Wife to Brian; Mommy to Carter (11) and Madison (8)
Liver transplant 7-9-2013

Re: Kim Mozeff-Cirucci 7-19-2012

Thank you so much Tiffany for letting us know about Kim. I am so very sorry to hear of her passing and know that she will be missed by so many people. My condolences to Kim's family and my thoughts are with them as well.


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Re: Kim Mozeff-Cirucci 7-19-2012

My condolences to the family. So sad to hear. Prayers to them!!

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I am so very sorry about Kim. Another fine example of our own CC people helping others! My prayers and thanks go out to Kim's Family.

Those we love must someday pass beyond our present sight…
They leave us and the world we know without their radiant light.
But we know that like a candle their lovely light will shine
To brighten up another place more perfect…more divine.
And in the realm of Heaven where they shine so warm and bright,
Our loved ones live forevermore in God’s eternal light.


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Today marks a sad day with the passing of Kim Mozeff-Cirruci. She was such an inspiration to so many with CC, always upbeat and encouraging. I truly cherish the great conversations and laughs we had. Please pray for her family at this difficult time. May God bless her family with hope and cherished memories to sustain them.

Everyday is a gift

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Re: Kim Mozeff-Cirucci 7-19-2012

Thoughts and prayers are with Kim's family and friends.  Her passing is so sad.

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Thanks for posting this.  My condolences to her family and friends.  She was a great lady with a kind heart helping others while dealing with her own illness.
My thoughts and prayers are with them.  She will always be rememered and will be with them forever in their hearts and memories of her.


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Re: Kim Mozeff-Cirucci 7-19-2012

There are no words to express the sadness I feel over the loss of the strong, vibrant, caring and altruistic person that Kim was.

My heart goes out to her girls, and I pray that they will find peace and heal over time.

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My condolences to Kim's family and friends. She worked so hard not only with her own battle but for others as well. She truly was an inspirations. We will continue to get the message out about cc and cancer in general and one day we will have that cure. Hugs. Nancy

Loving my husband from afar.