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Not sure where to post this. But as you all know I worry all the time. This can't be good for me! Thankfully today I got a call from our sweet Lisa, and she was able to get me out of my funk.
It's less than a month until my next scans, and while I can't control the outcome I worry. I have been having the same chemo for 9 months now! It will be round #20 next week. We all know chemo stops working at some time.
Plus coming up on a year is scary for me. It seems like so many people with any cancer starts going down hill around a year.
Then, it's also about time for carter to start back to school. I worry about him being in school, and having a mommy with cancer. I also worry about bad stuff happening to my kids all the time.
I know my faith is stronger than all my fears. So, I have got to hand all this over to God! Trust in Him, as my 3 year old would say! Got to love the child like faith. smile
Anyways, it feels good to get all this off my chest. Guess I just needed to vent. I hope all my friends have a blessed week!

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Tiffany, you are an amazing woman and mom!  I am wishing you the best on those scans.  Pam

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Worrying is a normal thing.  I had my first cancer at 38 and I had young children and worried about them all the time.  What if  (fill in the blank) happened.  I tried not to pass along my fear to my kids, but I think they knew and they were extra careful about telling me where they were going to be and when they would be home and such, even into teenager-hood (is that a word?). 

Now after my 3rd cancer, I sometimes worry even more.  That part of the human psyche that protects us from thinking that a bad thing is about to happen all the time is gone for me.  However, I do try and keep it under control and when I need it, I've gotten medication for anxiety from the doctor to help take the edge off.  A person can only worry so much about the future before it interferes with enjoying the present.

So, I guess my best advice is that if you find yourself worrying all the time, so much so that it interferes with your family life, you should not be afraid to go to the doc and ask for anxiety meds. 

I understand your faith, however, asking for help does not negate your faith.  If you had a broken arm you would rely on your doctor to get you thru it, this is much the same.

Take care Tiff and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for your scan.


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Hi Tiff,  All your worrying sounds "normal" to me! I am glad you have your faith that gives you strength and comfort. Have you tried some relaxing activites just for yourself? - Yoga? Meditation? Solitary walks? Date nights with hubby? Whatever works?
It's stressful enough raising young children and then to have cancer to boot! Sending lots of love and hugs. Nancy

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