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My  76 year old dad was diagnosed with cc in January. No symptoms at all. We found out from a cholesterol test that showed elevated liver enzymes. Did an ultrasound to find a tumor and lesions on the liver and lungs. Did 10 rounds of cisplatin and gemzar. No side effects from the chemo other than slight fatigue. Ct scans showed new lesions on liver and lungs so we switched to oxapalitin and leucoverin. Still no symptoms at all with the cancer. I mean nothing! Appetite is great and no weight gain or loss. Absolutely no side effects from this different chemo either.
Is his case rare that he shows no symptoms or side effects from chemo? When we tell the doctors, they say "well that's what we want to hear!"
Are we just blessed or are there any other cases similar to his? I know cc is aggressive but he's been diagnosed 7 months already...
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Re: No symptoms/side effects

Dear Claudia, you are very blessed and very lucky. Your Dad must have been in great physical shape before the diagnosis. Lets hope for good news on Dad's journey and that he continue  with no Chemo side effects!

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