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Hi Everyone ,

I just realized that there is a web site for cholangiocarcinoma  . That's great !
Now I want to share our experiences with you .
My mother-71 year old-was diagnosed just a few months ago with this disease.
We visited 4 doctors , 3 of them is hepatolog and one of them is oncolog .
All of them said that there was no hope. There is no need to make a surgery and chemotherapy. Surgery is not conveninet for her since she is not young . and no need to chemotherapy because there is no affect of chemo to that kind of cancer .
The common thing thay advise to leave her as it is.
The last two months is lika a nigtmare ! Waiting is terrible without doing  anything.

Now, there is aciditis in her tummy , a little fever at nights and of course she is always fatigue.

And the worst thing is that she does not know her disease !

We live in Istanbul - Turkey .

Thanks a lot for your comments.

Re: ı need your comments !!!!!!!

In the US, I believe the UK, and perhaps other countries there are sometimes surgical options depending on the tumor, the stage of the tumor, how long it's been growning, and it's location.  Each patient is different.
There are also patients who have had success shrinking tumors and prolonging life with Chemo.  It is true that a cure is rare for this cancer and the sooner the disease is diagnosed the better the chances for  help from either surgery or chemo.
There are many difficult issues to consider.  Your mothers age and health, the progression of her disease, location of the tumor, and resources.   If it's possible to consider a second opinion in another country I'd encourage you to try.

Our thoughts and best wishes to your Mom and your family,

Re: ı need your comments !!!!!!!

I was so sad to read your post. I have no advice to give you, sorry, just to echo what Peter said...if you can get to another country maybe you could get another opinion.
My heart goes out to you and your Mother. This is a hard one for any of us to deal with, but at least most of us have helpful medical people to help and advise. So sorry that is not happening with you.
Take care, best of luck to you both! x

Re: ı need your comments !!!!!!!

Hi Kate and Peter ,

Thanks a lot for your nice replies.
Kate, I hope your mum is alright after her surgery . And Peter, very nice to hear such a success story . I hope everything goes alright for both of you.

The first doctor of my mum suggested us a surgery . But he never gave us any hope and said it is a very hard op and better to loose her during the op maybe , since she will have so much pain during her disease . We couldn't decide and we didn't want her to suffer and went to another doctor. And as I said, those two doctors decided to leave her like this and wait.
Itis really impossible to take her to another country , she feels so tired that even she can't walk for a few minutes. I think we are too late ..
At least we can decrease some of her complaints like draining the ascities which also the doctors do not advise since it willrepeat again in a few days later.

If she had been younger, maybe the doctorss could have advised us a surgery .

I wish we had  treatment alternatives.

Take care of you , both..