Topic: Looking at the bright side of things

Looking at the bright side, due to high medical bills last year, I get a big refund check and have to pay almost nothing in federal income tax.   Yeah!

Other blessings that this illness has wrought -
Learning that I am loved and prayed for by so many people
Learning to trust in God more and more
Resuming contact with old friends and acquaintances
Seeing my children mature before my eyes
Learning compassion for the sick and elderly
Meeting wonderful oncology doctors and nurses
Learning what courage in the face of cancer is really like

Re: Looking at the bright side of things

You're right Lisa, there are many blessings.  Charlie and I are always talking about and looking for the good things that have happened along with the diagnosis that probably wouldn't have otherwise.  Yeah for the big refund check!  I'm sure many more blessings are coming your way.


Re: Looking at the bright side of things

I too am a big bright side of things believer. There are blessings all around if you look and want to see them. My husband and I are so affectionate and loving with one another. We really feel blessed that we are together and we make sure we tell each other how much each other means daily. I doubt we would do that if not for cc.

Cancer is a word, not a sentence.

36 year old patient with buckets of hope