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Topic: Thank you letter!!

As you all know, I think the sunrises and sets in Dr. Chapman, well once again he has proved me right. I received a hand written letter thanking me for coming to his event two weeks ago. He thanked me also for giving HOPE to cholangio patients. My favorite part is when he was so glad I was doing so well after my "challenging transplant surgery"!! When one of the top doctor calls your surgery "challenging", you know you were in major trouble and thank God for putting you in such great care.
I posted this to remind all you fighting that haven't been blessed (like Pam at MUSC) with the best care, is it is out there and you deserve it. Dr. Chapman is my hero and I know there are  a few more out there like him, there is HOPE!
Lots of prayers-Cathy
P.S. He also sent me a picture of my family and himself!!

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Cathy, what a beautiful post and you certainly do give HOPE to everyone! We LOVE you!


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Cathy, what a wonderful doctor, thank you for sharing. Lisa

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Wow!! Dr. Chapman sounds like such a gem. You should find a way to post the picture. I would love to see it!

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